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Decal set "V"-pattern

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With this set of "V" shaped water slide decals you may renew the cabinet sides of your beloved AMI I.
The set of two sheets have more than enough decals for both cabinet sides.

We are happy that we finally can offer these tiny decals in a new and improved version!
Our goal was that an AMI I which gets restored with these decals looks as close as possible to an AMI which has cabinet sides still in a good state.
Originally the cabinets had been screen printed.
Our new little "arrows" have (almost no) clear film around. The decals we used to offer (and which are still available elsewhere) show a clear film of about 1 mm width all around and on top of the arrows the film doesn't point inwards.
When applied this clear film is visible and actually doesn't look nice.
The fifth picture shows these decals.
By aging over the years the film often turns into yellow and is visible even stronger.

Next to this important improvement we worked on the artwork as well.
Size and layout of the arrows is very close to original.
We did print three different versions of the arrow's layout. The variations are in size and shape. You will hardly see any difference even when you look closer but these variations shall help to let the finished cabinet look closer to a screen printed cabinet. If you look at your old cabinet's sides you will see that all arrows are slightly different in appearance. We tried to match this effect.

We spent a lot of efforts to get the colors right.
It is very difficult - even if you have good original cabinets as patterns - to determine the right colors.
Especially the blue-green arrows vary often.
On AMI I models with turquoise sides we found more blue arrows.
The black AMI I models had more green arrows.
So we decided to print two colors on the sheets.
Now you can decide which color you prefer.
The intense blue which can be seen on other decal sets are way to intense from our point of view.

For the red arrows we used a more orange red and the white is slightly off-white to make it look not too bright.

When completely dry the decals can be painted with clear coat to make the cabinet's surface more durable (see picture 4).
Make sure to test compatibility of the varnish first!


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Mano writes: 27.03.2021
Reproduction to perfection!!! THANKS !!!
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