"Icicles" for AMI I

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injection molded, copper plated and painted, price per piece
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The front of the model AMI I (picture #5) is decorated with six "icicle" ornaments. Those are made from clear plastic. A copper plated triangle points slightly out of the front. When lit from behind there is a nice copper shine and four little dots shine in red, blue, yellow and green.

Often these "icicles" are either missing, damaged or the copper plating is faded.
Siver colored "icicles" which get offered elsewhere are not true to original.

We did reproduce these important decorative ornaments. They got injection molded from clear plastic, the "triangle" is copper plated and the later the rear got the four color dots and a white finish.

Only the BEST for your beloved AMI!

Price per piece.

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Andrew writes: 14.06.2021
As to be expected with this company, the quality and effort to make the products as authentic as possible is very evident.
Great component
Mano writes: 18.03.2021
Amazing product!! Top ratings in every way!!!
francois writes: 25.07.2020
Again, you guys are expensive but only you offer "copper" icicles which are true to the original. Every other company offer only chromed icicles.
Markus writes: 03.01.2020
Passt perfekt wie immer
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