Grill screen AMI I

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Exact reproduction of the aluminum grill screens used for the AMI I models.
We had a special tool been made to make the distinctive mesh.

The screen is already cut to size and has bend edges to make the mounting easier.
Shiny anodized for a beautiful and even appearance. Increased scratch resistance and protection against oxidation.
Get only the best for your AMI!

There are other grill screens available which can't compete with our grill screens though!
Those grill screens are not anodized, have a wrong pattern/mesh, are not cut to size and not bend.
Please add €30,00 for extra packing.
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Mano writes: 27.03.2021
Amazing product!! Happy to get one again!!
Mano writes: 18.03.2021
As always. This is absolutely PERFECT!
Niemand kann so gut verpacken wie sie. Beeindruckend!
Daniela writes: 05.03.2020
Super extra Perfect !
STEPHANE writes: 01.03.2020
These are not the first pieces I order from Stamann. For example, the AMI I200 grille looks great and adapts perfectly, just like the AMI glass plate. Certainly it is a bit expensive but of excellent quality.
Tom writes: 27.09.2019
WOW ... literally better than perfect ... fit was amazing , perfect finish for a reproduction !!!
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