Guinea Pig

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Manufacturer Kösen, size 18 cm (~ 7.1"), brown, black & white
Awarded with grade "spiel gut" (play well), 2017.
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Guinea pigs (Caviidae) belong to the family of rodents and are native to South America. They can be found in flat grasslands as well as in mountainous areas above 4000 meters. They inhabit caves and burrows that they dig either themselves or take over from other animals. Guinea pigs are very social, usually ten to fifteen of them live in a group. They like to be close with each other.
Being crepuscular guinea pigs look for food mainly in the morning and in the evening. They feed themselves of plants and roots. Like most mammals their sight is dichromatic, means they can differ blue from green colour.

Where does the name "guinea pig" derive from when neither living in Guinea (Africa) nor being a pig? Part of it might come from their behaviour to squeak like a little pig. For "guinea" one said explanation is that the animals were brought to Europe via Guinea, so people thought they were originated there. But in English language "Guinea" was also frequently used for any far-off, unknown country. So the name may simply be a reference to the animal's exotic appeal.
Anyway, seafarer did bring guinea-pigs to Europe where they became very popular pets until today.

Guinea pigs can become 5 to 7 years old. Kept very well they also can reach an age of 10 years or even more. Our plush guinea pig, however, will reach a much older age and will be a great companion and true friend for a very long time. Not being crepuscular it loves to play around, to explore and find adventures, or just being close to you at any time. And like its real conspecifics it loves to be close with you or other plush animals.

Length: 18 cm (~ 7.1")
Colour: Brown, white and black
Filling: Special polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur

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