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Mice and Rodents

Mice, Hamster, Rats, Squirrels, Beaver, Opossum, and more

Rodents are characterized by their lifelong growing front incisor which they use to gnaw off hard food or other materials. To do so they hold this in their front paws, which is another character of rodents.

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  • Edible Dormouse
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 26 cm (~ 10.1"), grey
    Awarded with grade "spiel gut" (play well).
    Item #: Kö-F2740
    Cart deactivated
  • Garden Dormouse "Elli"
    Manufacturer Kösen, length 26 cm (~ 10.2), grey with white and black
    especially soft and flexible, filled with granules
    Kösen Novelty 2020
    Item #: Kö-F5380
    Cart deactivated
Pages: 1 2 3
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